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folder icon 2 Hospital Information
This section contains files that provide the guidelines to be followed while you are being treated at our hospital in Coimbatore. Please register and login to this site to activate the download feature. Registration is freeLaughing
folder icon 19 AVP RF Newsletter

The AVP RF Newsletter is released quarterly and will give an update on the activities taking place at AVP RF, the research wing of the AVP Group. Please register on this site to display the download file link. Registration is free. Click Ascendant or Descendant to sort and display the oldest or latest uploads first.

folder icon 6 Registration Forms
The registration form for enroling as delegate to attend the Symposium on "Ayurveda and Modern Biology" to be held on July 29, 2009 at The Ayurvedic Trust, Coimbatore can be downloaded here. Please register to enable the download link.
folder icon 38 RasaMED Archives
Published research papers on Rasashastra are archived here. Detailed analysis available on www.rasamed.org. Please login to download files from this section. Only registered users are authorized to access the content in this section.
folder icon 5 Padmashree for PR Krishna Kumar - Paper Clippings
Paper clippings reporting the media coverage highlighting the awarding of Padmashree honor to Sri. P.R. Krishna Kumar, Managing Director, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy can be downloaded here. Please login to enable download option. Registration is FREE! Laughing
folder icon 1409 Ancient Science of Life
Papers published in the volumes 1 to 29 of the Research Journal Ancient Science of Life during the period 1981 July to 2010 June are being archived in this section for free download. Smile
Uploading of the published papers is being done retrospectively and is still in progress. Some volumes are not yet archived and some volumes are only partially archived. Please contact the journal editorial team for information on missing papers. Thank you for your patience. Soon all the papers will be available online
folder icon 7 AVP Addresses
The addresses of the branches, agencies, treatments centres of Arya Vaidya Pharmacy can be downloaded in this section. Please register to download the pdf files. Registration is free. Laughing
folder icon 14 MATI Newsletter
MATI Newsletter published by AVTAR every month is available for download in this folder. Please register and login for download option to be enabled. Registration is Free! Smile