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The city has numerous hospitals. Apart from the Government hospital, several multi-facility hospitals function in the city. The district's health department is amongst the best in terms of implementing government-initiated health schemes. Also, several rare surgical procedures have taken place here. The polio eradication programme is heavily assisted by the city's Rotary Clubs, who also regularly donate ambulances for smaller hospitals. The city also has numerous homeopathic clinics run by NGOs.
Coimbatore: An emerging healthcare destination
Fast pace of industrialisation, spiraling population and the increase in the health awareness have led to the growth of the healthcare industry in Coimbatore. The city stands second to Chennai in the Tamilnadu for highly affordable and quality healthcare deliveries of international standards.
Coimbatore is also the preferred healthcare destination to the floating population from nearby towns and districts and also nearby districts of Kerala. The growth of the hospitals in the city can be attributed to the vision of the industrialists here to bridge the gap between growing health needs and the existing services. Many of the private hospitals in the city are promoted by industrialists as an extension of their business portfolio and their service to the society.
The first healthcare centre started in 1909, later became the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH) during 1960s. Being the head quarter of the district government hospital, CMCH with a capacity of 1150 beds treats more than 20 lakh patients every year. The history of large private players coming to the healthcare scenario started with the commencing of the G Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital (GKNMH). It was started 50 years ago by the Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Trust primarily as a speciality hospital for gynecology and pediatrics. Over years, it developed into a multi speciality hospital with 300 beds.
Notably, majority of the big private players in the city are registered as trust hospitals. The ushering in of the corporate multi speciality hospital a decade ago has intensified the competition among the private hospitals. This intense competition has necessitated advanced medical technology and better patient care. Few of the super speciality hospitals in the city have also slowly moved into specialities like cardiac care, cancer treatment and eye care. Amidst the super speciality and multi speciality hospitals also function wide range of speciality hospitals. To maintain and extend their patient base, few of the these hospitals have also added on other disciples that can be accommodated with the existing specialities. Patients who used to travel to other metros now have healthcare deliveries at their doorstep. Apart from providing healthcare services of international standards, hospitals in Coimbatore are also trendsetters. When hospitals in Mumbai and Bangalore are in the infant stages of establishing hospital networking, hospitals in Coimbatore have already taken a lead. KG Hospitals has tied-up with more than ten clinics in the nearby towns to provide expert medical consultancy. These clinics would refer to the partner hospital for tertiary care of its patients. A year back, KG Hospital also established a satellite diagnostic at Tirupur. According to Dr G Bakthavatsalam, chairman, K G Hospital, the satellite diagnostic centre is an extension of the hospital and its services. The satellite centre equipped with the state-of-the-art medical devices is helpful to the medical fraternity and the people of Tirupur to undertake preliminary investigations at ease. Similarly KMCH has also established a diagnostic centre, which it calls as a city centre to provide primary and secondary care. Hospitals here are also engaged in emergency networks, clinical trials and other new concepts that are explored by the hospitals elsewhere in the country to increase the patient base and satisfaction. Private hospitals in the city have also joined with NGOs in community service by establishing trauma care centers and emergency networks. The trauma care project implemented by the private hospitals in association with Rotary along the National Highway is one such. A group of private hospitals, government hospital and the communication department have also joined hands to set up an emergency medical service system in the city.
With a large array of multi speciality and speciality hospitals existing and rendering yeomen service, can the city absorb new comers? The demand and the supply is not in perfect sync and the gap has to be bridged by few more hospitals, say experts.
Coimbatore is all set to emerge as one of the important hub for medical tourism. Kovai Medical Center & Hospital(KMCH) G Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital(GKNM), KG Hospital, PSG Hospitals & Ramakrishna Hospital are major super speciality hospitals. There are other hospitals with specialisation areas. Ganga Hospital(Orthopaedics, Neuro-Surgery), GEM Hospital(Laparoscopic procedures).Coimbatore Christian medical center for the poor and needy.

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