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The city has two major temples, Marudamalai and Perur.

The word "Marudhachalapathy" or "Maruthamalai Andavar" means Master of Hills, abounding in Marudha trees. The name has also a legendary origin. A Siddha, overcome by excessive thirst and tiredness, sought shelter under the shade of a Marudha tree and prayed to the mercy of the Lord Muruga for a shower of water, which sprang at once as though by a miracle from beneath the tree. As water gushed out from the roots of the marudha tree, the Siddha leaped in joy, glorifying Muruga as the Lord of "Marudha" and "Jalam" (water) with the passage of time, "Marudhajalapathi" became "Marudhachalapathy".
According to epic, a saint prayed to God sitting under a marudha tree for helping him quench his thirst and tiredness. Soon he noticed water springing from beneath the tree. Overwhelmed, he pronounced 'Lord Muruga' as the Lord of Marudhajalapathi. In due course it became 'Marudamalai'. History has it that Pambatti Siddhar, was originally a snake charmer and was initiated into the world of philosophy by a Siddhar by name Sattai munivar. Pambatti Siddhar is said to have performed several miracles, and written extensively on herbal medicine. His songs are addressed to snakes.
Location of the temple: Sri Subramanyasami temple is located at Marudamalai, 13 km North - West of Coimbatore, Industrial city of Tamil Nadu, India.
The Garba graha of this temple was built by Karikala Chola in the early Christian era. It is a Shiva shrine with a Swayambumoorthy.
The Sthalapuranam states that when the calf of Kamadhenu was playing in the forest of arasu trees its legs got plunged into a hard object from which blood gushed out. It was then discovered that the object was nothing but a sacred Siva Lingam. This led a temple to be built here. It was built over the Moolasthanam and worshipped by the Saivaites.The place became a Vaipu Sthalam in Saivalore. Since it was sung by Saint Appar and by Saint Sundarar in their Devaram. The temple is located in Perur, 6 km from Coimbatore on the Siruvani main road.The Temple attracts a large concourse of people from throughout the land.

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