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Sree Dhanwanthari Mandir

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Dhanwanthari, the God of Life and Medicine, and one of the rare temples in the whole world was consecrated during 1977 April 26 at the heart of Coimbatore City in The Arya Vadiya Chikitisalayam campus. Built following the traditional architectural science of Vasthu, Dhanwanthari Temple has Lord Dhanwanthari, the God of medicine, as the main deity and other dub-deities Durga / Bhagavathy, Sri Ayyappan, Hanuman, Brahmarkshas, Nagaraj, Uma Maheshwarar, Lord Siva, Muruga, Ganapathy and Navagrahas. Lord Dhanwanthari was consecrated in the month of Medom (Chitra in Tamil) under the Punarthom, by Sri Kalpuzha Hareeswaran Nambudiripad under the chief guidance of Tantrika Ratnam Kalpuzha Divakaran Namboodiripad.

LORD DHANWANTHARI, The God of Ayurveda

Dhanwanthari is the Adishthana Devatha (Presiding Deity) of Ayurveda, and incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Once, due to a curse from a saint, the Devas, started aging, and with the advise of Guru Brihaspathy the Devas decided to obtain an Elixir Amruth medicine, by churning the ocean of Milk, with the assistance of Asuras (Demons), the great serpent Vasuki became the rope and Lord Vishnu became a gigantic tortoise (Kurma). At last Lord Dhanwanthari with a pot of Amirta in his one hand and Divine Srichakara (Wheel) in second Sankh (Conch) in third, Jaluka (Leech which curse of impure blood) in the fourth hand appeared. A female form of Dhanwanthari, the charming Mohini of Lord Vishnu is also worshiped in some temples (Dhanwanthari is considered as a Physical of God picturised in mind and prayed to Lord Dhanwanthari) and as it was that glorious figure that got engraved in the idol too.


Lord Dhanwanthari who wears Chakram, Shankham, Jalukam and Amirtakalasam in his four hands and who has a crown so beautiful, soft, pure white cloth, who has eyes like lotus petals; whose brilliant dusky colour resembles the dark clouds; who is adorned with splendid yellow silk; and who is capable to destroy all diseases like a forest fire.

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