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Business Opportunities

The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy & Associate companies can offer you the following:
1. Complete technical know how to establish IP / OP Treatment Centres in India & abroad.
2. Deputing qualified doctors and therapists required for Ayurvedic Centres.
3. Know how to establish manufacturing facilities of Ayurvedic products in other places.
4. Manufacturing of specific products under loan license for some of the privileged customers.
5. To develop unique food products to suite customer needs.
6. Supply of all equipments & other accessories for treatment centres.
7. Supply of wide range of Ayurvedic products being manufactured by us classified under different category such as traditional / patent / OTC etc.
8. Offer necessary guidance for establishing R & D activities and documentation process necessary for a hospital and factory.
9. Coordinate to conduct Ayurvedic Health Tours to India.
10. Conduct short term & long term Ayurvedic & Yoga courses for Indian & Overseas nationals.
11. Conduct orientation classes for doctors & therapists.
12. Conduct short term & long term course on Astrology, Astrological medication & etinopathy.
13. Guidance to cultivate medicinal plants and also arrange for adopt buy back arrangements.
14. Guidance to propagate Ayurveda by conducting special seminars & other programmes in India & abroad.
15. With 800 exclusive agencies and a base of treating minimum 30 Lakhs patients every year, we could consider marketing of some unique products that are not being manufactured by us.

To explore business opportunities, please CLICK HERE to send email with subject line ATTN Administrator - BUSINESS ENQUIRY