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The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy has a state of the art GMP certified ayurveda medicines factory that manufactures about 450 classical Ayurvedic medicines. It is located at Kanjikode, very close to Palakkad in Kerala State very near to Western Ghats and it is in one of the biggest industrial area in Palghat District of Kerala State. Our's is the first Factory established in the Kanjikode Industrial Area. The advantage of the ayurveda factory is that plenty of fresh herbs are available from Western Ghats. Our Ayurveda Medicines factory is situated in the pollution free area and good quality water is also available. Our second factory is at Thennilapuram near Alathur which is also in Palghat District. Thennilapuram is a rural village where plenty of raw material and good quality water is available. In Kanjikode factory we are manufacturing Traditional Kerala Type medicines in the traditional way of processing. Some of the traditional ayurveda products packing changed to modern pharmaceutical modes like Tablets, Capsules. We are manufacturing around 429 ayurveda products consisting of the following ranges.

1. Arishtas & Asavas - 41 Items (Naturally fermented Product.
2. Kashayam - 58 Items (Concentrated form of the water extract of mixed herbs as per the formulation given in the Ayurvedic Texts).
3. Lehyam - 33 Items (SemiSolid Preparation).
4. Ghritham - 32 Items (Ghee Preparation).
5. Bhasmam - 19 Items (Mineral Preparation).
6. Choornam - 36 Items (Mixed Herbal Powder)
7. Pills & Tablets - 35 Items.
8. Kashayam Tablets - 16 Items.
9. Soft gel Capsules - 5 Items.
10. Lepas - 4 Items.
11. Medicated Oils - 150 Items.
For manufacturing the ayurveda medicines we have around 4500 sq.meter built up area in around 2.8 acres of land. For manufacturing we require large quantity of steam and for this there are 2 steam boilers producing 6 tonnes steam per hour and big extractors and jacketed vessels for processing. For removing steam from the process area provided big blowers with exhaust piping system. For powdering big pulveriser having a capacity of 250 Kg./hr. and for filling automatic filling machines. For effluent treatment we provide effluent treatment plant. We have give direct labour for 300 people and indirect labour for more than 200 people who are depending on the two ayurveda factories.
In our second factory at Thennilapuram we are manufacturing only proprietary medicines and Ayurvedic Transparent Soap.The range of Products at Thennilapuram is:

1. Syrup
2. Hard gelatin Capsules
3. Granules
4. Hair Oil
5. Cream & Ointments.
6. Medicated Transparent Soap.

Number of Ayurveda Products manufacturing at Thennilapuram is around 24.
This factory is having1000 sq.meter built up area in 13 acres of land full of greenery.
Now we have started constructing a new Factory very near to the present Factory which is as per W.H.O G.M.P specifications. The processing & Packing of all the products in the new factory is as per C.G.M.P specification only.
For The new Factory the built up area is around 10,000 sq. meter in 6.5 acres of land with modern facilities and providing HVAC System and clean room panels.
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