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Dhanvantari Kalakshetra
The Dhanvantari Kalakshetra was established to promote the traditional temple art forms to foster spiritual values in the new generation. Through various activities the Kalakshetra is making valuable contributions to preserve, teach and propagate classical music, classical dance and other such art forms that were developed to perfection in ancient India.

Keeping up with the tradition, Dhanvantari Kalakshetra is an AVP initiative to promote classical art forms as well as cultural and spiritual values around the divine atmosphere of Sri Dhanvantari Mandir located in the AVT Campus.

Dhanvantari Kalakshetra is conducting various cultural heritage activities.

It runs a music school which trains aspirants in both vocal and instrumental music. Training is imparted in musical instruments like Violin, Veena, Guitar, Mridangam, Keyboard and the like.

It also runs a Karate School to help youngsters to indulge in physical discipline and basics of self defence.

A very important initiative of the Dhanvantari Kalakshetra is the Vidyasagar Gurukulams, which are rural schools in places like Arasanpalayam, Mayileripalayam and Navakkarai. Two more schools are proposed at Karachery and Chandrapuram to be set up in the near future.

DIVYAM - Dhanvantari Vidya Mandir Matriculation School based at Mankarai and Pollachi is another initiative of the Kalakshetra to provide value based education to the new generation rooted in the ethos of Indian civilization.

DIVYAM Academy of Values based at Mankarai is dedicated to providing value education.

Apart from these initiatives, the Kalakshetra regularly conducts competitions in art forms like kathakali, bharathanatyam and such other classical dance forms, classical music and many other art forms at the Dhanvantari Arangam regulalry.

Renowned artistes also perform at the Dhanvantari Arangam throughout the year creating an atmosphere characterized by cultural refinement and spirituality.