Indian Summer

Indian Summer (Mon Docteur Indien)

84 min - Documentary - June 2013 (France)

Directed by Simon Brook

Written by Nella Banfi and Simon Brook

Produced by Olivier Mille

Cinematography: Philippe Dorelli

Music: Pierre Esteve

This documentary, part of which was shot in Arya Vaidya Pharmacy facilities in India, was broadcasted on ARTE television (French-German Public TV Channel) last month.

“It is an entertaining road movie that travels through South India to discover Ayurvedic medicine, a five thousand year old traditional medicine which may represent new hope in the fight against the endemic pathologies of the 21st century and against cancer in particular. The film follows the journey of a surprising and unusual couple: a world famous French oncologist, both intrigued and questioning, who has the desire to discover other medical approaches and to question his own knowledge and one of his former patients, a patient who chose traditional Indian medicine instead of following his recommended treatment and who joins him in retracing her personal path against cancer that had a happy ending. Two out-of-the-ordinary characters for a "medical comedy" which speaks in a new and original way, both serious and profound, yet funny and entertaining, about one our most universal concerns: illness. The film explores the bridge between traditional medicine, modern medicine and science, who agree to reposition the patient at the heart of the healing process to treat the person, not the disease” Written by Artline.

"This is the journey of a curious Indian duo - the stubborn patient and doctor incredulous -. Than films with a touch of humor Simon Brook An unusual and exciting journey, the story under control and superb picture" - Télérama

"A journey told in a light and deep An amazing documentary tone." - Le Nouvel Observateur

"A parallel connection between two completely opposite practices, enriched by the moving testimony, red thread, a former patient." - Cable TV Satellite

"A rendezvous. My doctor is Indian, a powerful documentary." organic women

"A documentary beautifully mastered." Cape Health Culture

"A shock and enrichment." Cinema TV guide

"My doctor ahead between Indian stories, dialogues, laboratory visits, with a real sensitivity and a lot of relevance. And as everything related to hope, in the field of medicine, it makes a good mood." - Le Vif-Express