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Indo Swiss Ayurveda Foundation

Indo-Swiss Ayurveda Foundation (ISA Foundation) registered in the Register of Commerce, Geneva on 18th June 2013

ISA Foundation with seat in Geneva has been constituted under Swiss law at Berne on 22nd March, with the objective to work for the recognition of Ayurveda as a medical system in the West

The first meeting of the Indian members of ISA was held on 21 April 2013 at AVP Training Academy Pathanjalipuri, Mangarai. The Foundation with It is a non-profit tax exempted Foundation with international objectives.

The first meeting of ISA Foundation was attended by:

• Ambassador Swashpawan Singh, Vice-President of ISA, from New Delhi
• Sri P.R. Krishnakumar (Managing Director of Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Coimbatore) and Dr U. Indulal (Deputy Director AVP) from Coimbatore
• Prof. Shivenarain Gupta (Superintendent of Nadiad Ayurveda Hospital and head of Kayacikitsa department at the Nadiad Ayurveda College) and Mr. Anup Desai (Secretary of Mahagujarat Medical Society) from Gujarat
• Dr Simone Hunziker (Founding President of ISA) and Mrs Anne Keiser (Administrative Director of ISA) from Switzerland
• Mrs Anita Das (former Secretary AYUSH) from Delhi was excused and had written a warm welcome address

This event marks a breakthrough for the international development of Ayurveda, the objective of the foundation being the recognition of Ayurveda as a medical system in the West.

Earlier projects focussed on the creation of a global research database and on the construction of an Ayurveda hospital with international standards in Nadiad/ Gujarat.

The current project aims the development of a centre of reference for clinical practice and professional training in the Swiss regulatory framework which enables alternative medical systems to be institutionalised. The close collaboration with Indian partners ensures the preservation and development of authentic knowledge in the process of transfer.

In future the Foundation shall support research and promotional activities, the collaboration between Indian and Swiss partners and authorities as well as the creation of an internationally recognised centre of reference for Ayurveda in India.

European members of the Foundation cover the fields of science and medicine, Ayurveda, finance, diplomacy, politics, law, journalism.

With the registration in the Register of Commerce, it now has a legal status and an international significance.