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Advanced Ayurveda Training for Brazilians

Arya Vaidya Pharmacy concluded a month long training program on Ayurveda yesterday at its Training Academy Campus, Patanjalipuri, Mankarai, Coimbatore. 28 people, from diverse medical background, attended the residential program.

Ayurveda is gaining stronger grounds in the Latin American countries and there is are serious attempts to explore the science in its motherland. ABRA / Brazilian Ayurveda Association is an organisation committed to offer quality Ayurveda solutions in Brazil. Dr. Aderson Moriera da Rocha, a clinical rheumatologist by profession, heads this organization and bring a group of medical professionals from diverse specialities to expose them to authentic Ayurveda in theory and practice. Arya Vaidya Pharmacy is the chosen destination and this is the fourth time such a program is being organized successfully. The group consisted of nephrologists, dentists, psychiatrist, psychologist, paediatrician etc, all having an open mind to know the healing potentials of our traditional medical system.

During the course they were offered lectures on philosophy and foundational principles of Ayurveda, concepts of health and ill-health and of medicines and treatments. They also visited AVP’s hospital and manufacturing facilities to get a first hand exposure to quality Ayurveda services. In order to complete the spiritual and cultural experiences, they were also given opportunity to participate in rituals, like pongal celebration, havans etc and this year’s Republic Day celebrations.

The participants gave positive feedbacks as they felt that “everything happened beyond their imagination”, that “this course was a most memorable and important moment in their life” , that “they were completely satisfied with the relationship with the teachers, the way the subjects were introduced, subject matter of the course and the hospitality”

The program concluded with a ceremonial closing  yesterday. Dr. Eduardo Cardona-Sanlemente PhD, DS, a Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine (UK) and the Research Committee Director of Ayurveda Practitioners’ Association (APA) UK was the Chief Guest. Dr. P. R. Krishna Kumar, MD Arya Vaidya Pharmacy presided over the function. Participation certificates were distributed by them. To continue the efforts to propularise Authentic Ayurveda in Brazil, AVP and ABRA entered in a Memorandum of Understanding to work together in the areas of medicine manufacturing and supply, clinical services, research and education.  The function concluded with all the participants singing Indian and Brazilian National Anthem.