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Ayu Kalpa Program

Ayu Kalpa, the 7 day Orientation Program on Kalpa Sthana of Ashtanga Hrdaya was conducted by AVP Research Foundation from 05th Jan to 11th Jan 2013. The program was attended by 25 Ayurvedic students which included PG & UG Scholars, and Practitioners, from different colleges in India, who were selected after meticulous screening test.

Eminent personalities in the field of Ayurveda like Dr. M. Prasad, Dr. Murali Raghavan, Achraya V Vasudevan, Dr. A N N Nambi, Dr. S. Gopakumar and Dr. P. Ram Manohar were amongst the resource persons who conducted the program.

Padmasri Dr. P. R. Krishna Kumar, MD of Ayurvedic Trust interacted with the delegates.

Each day of the program started with chanting of Dhanvantari ashtottaram followed by 1 chapter of Kalpa Sthana of Astanga Hridayam. The program included ‘Meet the Acharya’ sessions, discussions on the structure of the Kalpa Sthana, Sloka analysis and interpretation, hands on training in preparation of medicines, software sessions and treatment observations. The highlight of the program was the Ayuprashnamancha- a multimedia quiz program conducted by Dr. S. Gopakumar. The program concluded with the launch of softwares developed by the AVPRF - Ayugana, Ayupharma, Ayuscribe & Ayutexts.