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Ayurveda Equipments and Accessories

The AVP Equipment department sells various ayurveda equipments and accessories used in Ayurvedic hospitals and clinics. The list of currently available items is given below.

1. Wooden Ayurvedic Treatment bed with a suitable wooden stand of 2.6 ft
height -3 types available
9x3x3-joint pice
9x3x3-single piece

2. FRP Droni heavy dutyPlease contact us
3. Wooden stand for FRP DroniPlease contact us
4. Wooden dhara Stand 6feet height(carved)10000.00
5. Steel Dhara stand adjustable with copper dhara vessel Please Contact us
6. Steel Shirodhara stand with oil heating system Please contact us
7. Venga wood steam bath –sitting type with Electric boiler-Duel type(Electric & Gas) 47,000.00
8. FRP Sitting type steam chamber dual type with gas and electric
boiler system
Please contact us
9. FRP Avagaha Tub for immersion bath Please contact us
10. Copper Dhara Vessel with string 2200.00
11. Neem or Venga Wood Steam Bath Lying Type with Dual Gas and
Electric Boiler
Please contact us
12. FRP Dhara Vessel Please contact us
13. White Bronze Dhara Vessel Please contact us
14. Traditional Dhara Vessel with String made of mud300.00
15. Shirovasthi Cap Ordinary Please contact us
16. Shirovasthi Cap Adjustable 1300.00
17. Treatment Pillow- weight-180gm 300.00
18. Kashayavasthi yantram-bronze with plastic pouch-weight-290gm 1300.00
19.Matra Vasthi Yantram – steel with plastic Netram-weight-225gm 700.00
20. Disposable Kashaya vasthi yantram-plastic100.00
21. Nadisvedayantram Please contact us
22. Soft bed for Droni Please contact us
23. Dhanvantari photo large size45.00
24. Kerala Towels stitched large size Please contact us
25. Loin cloth stitched Please contact us
26. Green gram flour - 200 gm packets Please contact us
27. Dhanvantari Idol made of black stone Please contact us
28. Dhanvantari Idol made of bronze Please contact us
29. Dhanvantari Idol made of plaster of paris Please contact us
30. Panchakarma/Pizhichil Accessories in a kit Please contact us
31.Dhanwanthari Statue-Made of Wood-21” Height , 4.300Kg weight 8000.00
32.Electric boiler-Duel type(Electric & Gas)22000.00
33.Nilavilakku(White metal)4000.00

For detailed information on ayurveda equipments please visit our http://www.panchakarmaequipments.net

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