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Community Division
Conducted monthly training programmes for village women in 24 villages of the Puthussery Panchayat based on a selected syllabus and for village women in other neighboring villages in Palghat district.Conducted 42 exhibitions to create awareness among public on conservation and use of medicinal plants.
Initiated self sustainable activities among villagers through kitchen herbal garden, saving schemes, nursery raising etc.,
School programmes to bring awareness abot medicinal plants done in 38 schools.
Conducting training programmes to rural women under the Reproductive child health programme of Dept. H & FW, Govt. of India.
CIMH is approved by NBPGR and has been selected as a cooperating institute (NGO) from Kerala for National Agro Technology Project on Plant Bio diversity.

Health Care Division
Daily free medical consultation is available at the centre. Preventive, promotive and curative aspects of the medicinal plants imparted to patients.
One medical camp is organized once in every two months in remote villages.
A semi-processing unit of herbal medicine is functioning at the Centre to support providing medicines to patients.
Helping the needy in getting genuine herbs for medication.