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1. Wealth of Susruta

Wealth of Susruta is a 400 pages exposition on one of the original Ayurvedic treatises, the Susrutha Samhita. It gives a lucid and critical description of how to study this ancient text the author of which is widely regarded as the father of modern surgery.The author of this exposition, Sri K. H. Krishnamurthy, is one of a rare breed of modern scholars whose expertise in linguistics and Sanskrit studies coupled with modern thinking has enabled him to make this critical exposition.

2. The Beautiful Tree

The Beautiful Tree is a 430-page work on Indian education in the eighteenth century and how it compares more than favorably with the system prevailing in England at about the same time.The author, Sri Dharampal, an associate of Mahatma Gandhi, has made a comprehensive study of the archival materials relating particularly to what was then known as the Presidency of Madras. Since the middle sixties, Sri Dharampalji has devoted himself to an exploration of Indian archives spread over the British Isles.

3. Temple of Healing

This handy book "TEMPLE OF HEALING" is divided in two segments - 'On Hinduism and Hindu Temples' and 'Sree Dhanwanthari Mandir'. The first section briefly explores the whole gamut of all that is Hinduism, and is a simple introductory reading for any person interested to understand Hinduism in a nutshell'. The section Sree Dhanwantari Mandir' is the story of the Temple, Sree Dhanwantari, the Lord of Life &Medicine, and the other deities, who adorn the Temple complex in the Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayam campus of AVP(Cbe) Ltd.

4. Rudraksha

The book on Rudraksha highlights the medicinal and spiritual applications of this wonderful herb. Its birth place is in the mountains of Himalayas or more so in Nepal. Rudrakshas are considered to be sacred and have many spiritual and medicinal values both as preventive and curative medicine in effectively and positively treating mental faculty and also correcting the physical conditions along with planetary position both as preventive and curative by using internally and externally aiming for PERFECT HEALTH of Body, Mind and Spirit.

5. Wisdom of Joy and Peace

Our ancient Vedas which are the very essence of our life give us gems of advice on the proper planning of the family in advance for a better future, which in other words is ‚ÄöPlanning our future life in advance. Bearing this objective in mind and in the interest of the present generation, this booklet is brought out based on very precious guidance obtained from Vedic literature.

6. The Plantain Tree

The Plantain Tree is a part and parcel of India Culture. Adorned with a string of Sanskrit names like Rambha, Kadali, etc., This succulent annual auspiciousness is illustrated in Kautilya Arthasastra and the cave paintings of Ajanta and Ellora. Like the legendary Kalpavriksham, each and every part of the plantain tree finds use in the hands of the priest, the cook and the Physician. The Plantain tree A magical remedy highlights the medicinal and uses of the plant. This small book will help to realize the greatness of the Plantain tree.

7. Arya Vaidya Chikitsamargam

This is a practical guide essentially meant for practitioners of Ayurveda. It covers the basic principles of Ayurveda, diagnostics and treatment with emphasis on the practical side.This was written originally in Malayalam by late Arya Vaidyan Sri P. V. Rama Variar, the founder of this institution, and later translated into Hindi and Tamil.

8. Ayurveda Treatments CD

Video of major Ayurvedic treatment procedures in two VCDs provides an authentic demonstration of how these treatments are done. It will be of interest to practitioners, researchers, students as well as laity.

9. Hare Dhanvantare CD and Cassette

Audio CD and Cassette with eight devotional songs in Malayalam singing the glories of Lord Dhanvantari. This is perhaps the first complete album of devotional songs on Lord Dhanvantari. Madhu Balakrishnan, Biju Narayanan and Radhika Tilak are the playback singers.

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