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An overview of R&D Lab at Factory, Kanjikode

The R&D laboratory is housed in the factory premises at Kanjikode, Kerala.

The laboratory is recognized as an in-house R&D by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India


Monitoring production activities
Quality control
Product and process studies.
New product development.

The functions are executed in three departments

Chemistry Department
Botany Department
Microbiology Department
Product development section.

The activities in various departments are as detailed below:-

Chemistry Department
Quality control of the basic raw materials for production like oil, ghee, Jaggery, sugar, honey, butter etc. 
Every lot of such materials are subjected to the quality tests. The materials conforming to the in-house quality parameters alone are taken to production . The non-conforming materials are rejected
In-process quality control of various production procedures
Quality checks on finished products 
Exploratory studies on products 
Studies on herbal residues 

Botany Department
The whole range of herbs that comes to production are tested for their compliance with the in-house quality norms
A thorough study on the spurious drugs  present in the market is undertaken
Provides leads to the new product development

Microbiology Department
Conducts microbiological studies on various production areas and validates the sterile areas of  production facility
The total counts of various finished products as a part of quality control procedures.
Generation of tissue culture saplings of endangered species of medicinal plants 
Studies on  rooting  cultures 

Other R&D Activities
A detailed documentation of activities like validation of processes and equipments, preparation of master formula records and batch manufacturing records as per WHO norms for the WHO-GMP accreditation of selected products
Accelerated and real-time stability study of products
Preparation of documents for export purposes to meet different International requirements
Inputs for safe and effective excipients to Formulation Department
Evaluating critical control points in production to meet the quality of the products
New product development
Biotechnological studies
Conducting courses on request from colleges/universities on biosciences 

Trainings /Projects 

Training programs in the R&D division of the The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Cbe) Ltd at Kanjikode, Palakkad -Kerala 

1. Facility to do short term projects associated with Msc , Mphill programs of various universities in Chemistry, Botany, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Microbiology .
2. Industrial Trainings for B.A.M.S and M.D (Ay) students, with .Special sessions on Q/C aspects - Duration -up to 1 month.
3. Projects on various industrial topics/herbs for M.D (Ay) students as a part of their thesis/dissertation work.

The projects are guided by trained experts in relevant fields. The fee structure is based on the nature of analytical work and duration of work.

Staff Members at R&D

R&D Advisor
Dr.N.P.Damodharan Ph.D.
(Director, IIA, Coimbatore)

Head of the Department 

General Manager (R&D and Tech)

Research Officer

Botany Department
Consultant Taxonomist
Prof.V.Vasudevan Nair 
(Retd. Professor. Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad)

Sunitha V.
Praseeda A.

Microbiology Department
Vidhya K.

Chemistry Department
Chemists & Analysts
Rajalakshmy M.R.
Vendamirtham S.
Asha K.Maniyan
Sruthi C.V.
Dhanya R.
Arun S.

Quality Assurance Department
Jayakumar R. (Consultant)
Muhammed Ansar A. A.
Dr.Zainuddin Al Ameen
Praseetha K.

Microbiology Department
Biotechnology Consultant
Dr.Ashakiran K.