Ayurvedic Treatment

A non-poisonous Leech is applied on the disease part to suck the vitiated blood from the body. The patient is asked to sit or lie down comfortably. Rub the place of Leech application with dry powder and apply the Leech. If the Leech does not catch the place pour one or two drops of honey, ghee, blood etc., or make a small incision. When it starts sucking blood it should be covered with a soft cloth soaked in cold water. If pain and itching is present at the site of Leech application then it indicates that the Leech is sucking pure blood and then the Leech should be removed. If the Leech wont leave easily then turmeric powder has to be sprinkled. Then the Leech is made to vomit the sucked in blood. The Leech should be preserved in water in an earthen ware or bottle. The Leech once used cannot be used upto 7 days. If the Leech vomits the blood completely it moves freely in water and its appetite is also increased. If it is not moving in the water or moving sluggishly then it means that the blood is not vomited completely. Then it should be made to vomit again.