Sneha vasti

The patient should take light food, then oil massage and bath is given. Soon after he should be laid on comfortable cot neither too high nor too low, on his left side, folding his right thigh and extending the other. The enema nozzle is lubricated with oil and apply some oil in the anus also. The instrument is then filled with the medicated oil and introduced into the rectum in the following manner. It should be pressed without shaking the hands in the direction of the vertebral column, neither too fast nor too slow neither with great force nor with low force in just one attempt. After the administration the person should lye facing upward. Then he should be given massage of abdomen, hand and feet. He must lay extending the entire body with a pillow under his heels. Oil should be smeared all over the body so that the sneha does not come out early. In normal case the enema liquid will go out after one or two hours. If the sneha returns properly at the right time the patient should fast at night and can take breakfast next day morning.