Kashaya vasti

The medicine for Kashaya vasti is prepared by mixing Honey, Rock salt, Oil, Herbal paste and decoction. First honey and rock salt are mixed in a vessel. Then oil is added and mixed well. This is followed by paste and then decoction is added and mixed. This forms a homogenous mixture of honey, rock salt, oil, herbal paste and decoction. This mixture is filled in a sac made of leather after warming a little by keeping in a hot water. The sac is then tied at the end of the vastiyantra (instrument of vasti). The patient should have taken food in the previous night, evacuated and done ablutions in the morning. The patient has to lye down on a wooden cot. His body must be massaged with oil and abdomen should be warmed up. He should lie down on his left side, flexing the right leg and extending the left leg. The nozzle of the instrument and anus of the patient are lubricated first by applying oil. Then the nozzle is carefully introduced into the anus keeping the patient to relax and breathe out. The leather sac containing medicine is the pressed firmly once and medicine is injected into the rectum. A little of the medicine is left in the sac to prevent air entering into the rectum. Then the patient should lie down on his back after completion of vasti. His abdomen should be massaged gently. When urge to pass stool the patient can go to the toilet and evacuate. If he gets clear bowel movements then the treatment is successful. Afterwards he should take bath in warm water and have food