Sneha paanam

Sneha paanam means drinking the sneha or the unctuous material like ghee (clarified butter), sesame oil, animal fat or marrow. However ghee (clarified butter) is most commonly used. This is the first step in the preparation of the person for an intensive cleansing of the system by vamana (inducing vomiting) or virechana (inducing purgation) procedures an dhelps in destabilizing the doshas (causative factors for diseases) pathologically accumulated. Swedana (inducing perspiration) that follows make the destabilized doshas to flow to the intestines for elimination. The prescribed dose of medicated ghee is given in the morning on empty stomach followed by a cup of hot water. Food, in prescribed quality and quantity, is allowed only after manifestation of proper hunger after this. The dose of ghee is usually minimal on the first day and increased everyday based on the response to the previous dose. This treatment is done for a maximum of seven days or till the appearance of physical and mental symptoms of saturation of the ghee in body, whichever is earlier.