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Life Span

Death is one of the few things that we can be certain of, though we cannot be sure of the time and place in which it will happen. Ayurveda says that this is because there are two types of death, the timely death, which we cannot avoid, and untimely death, which we can avoid.

Ayurveda declares that there is a potential life span and the actual life span. The potential life span is what one can live provided one takes care of the mind-body complex properly. The actual life span is what one actually lives and this may be the potential life span or less than it.

It is a misfortune to succumb to untimely death while it is dignifying to welcome timely death.

Timely death

Just as a vehicle, even when properly used and maintained succumbs to wear and tear in due course; so, the body eventually succumbs to the impact of time even if we lead a healthy way of life.

But timely death is a meditative experience, an event that we can welcome and celebrate. Death comes softly like a mother putting a child to sleep. Ayurveda prompts us to ensure a timely death.

Untimely death

Just as a vehicle improperly used and not maintained gets destroyed prematurely, even so the body succumbs to untimely death under the impact of a stressful life.

Untimely death is terrible and a frightening experience. Something we should avoid by applying the tenets of Ayurveda in our life.